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A Celebration of Jewish Broadway

“A Celebration of Jewish Broadway” honors the songs and stories of Jewish composers and their contributions to the American Musical. Beloved melodies and lyrics by the likes of Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Schwartz, and Carole King will transport the audience back to the streets of the theatre district, your bubbie’s Shabbos table, or the places of your dreams.



Cabaret HotSpot! - January 2019 Written by David Sabella (Chicago, The Visit)

Cabaret Scenes - June 2019 Written by Bart Greenberg

In making his case for the contributions of great Jewish Composers to musical theater, Axelrod may have also inadvertently made a compelling case for his own contribution to Cabaret.
— David Sabella (Chicago, The Visit)
To say that Ari Axelrod is the total package as a cabaret artist would be an understatement.
— Bart Greenberg (Cabaret Scenes)
As someone who’s seen a myriad of Cabaret performances, I have rarely been as transported as I was by Ari Axelrod. Every song was a play I had never seen before, and he connected with his audience in a completely honest and loving manner. An old soul in a beautiful young man.
— Alix Korey (Fiddler on the Roof, All Shook Up, Wild Party)
Throughout this performance, I was struck by Axelrod’s originality and authenticity. Every song sounded as if it had just been written…for him.
— David Sabella (Chicago, The Visit)
He is a singing actor with a creamy voice, a sense of humor, and a fine theatrical sense.
— Bart Greenberg (Cabaret Scenes)

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